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Being a guide is my natural role. I don’t consider it work. I love being the link between people, places and cultures. My other professions (a shamanic practitioner; a translator, an anthropologist in training; a writer) are just different shades of the same role – the bridge. It is a responsible and privileged position that keeps me humbled and inspired.

During my Blue Badge guide training course, I studied everything about England and London from prehistory, agriculture, types of grass and trees, politics, the royals, art, most of the streets of central London, up to who makes the underwear for the Queen (FYI it’s Rigby & Peller, Mayfair). There is so much to know. There is so much more that I will never have time to learn. But what I already know gives me more appetite for more. To be a guide means to be a lifelong student, especially in London. For me guiding is about fun, inspiration and mainly storytelling.

Blue Badge

Ley lines tours in London

After merging my professional interests with my spiritual ones, I have developed a series of ley line tours in London. Ley lines connect sacred places and follow the currents of telluric energies. These are like meridians in a body, here in the body of the earth upon which temples and stone circles were built in prehistoric times. These were then replaced by churches and cathedrals. Yet the function of these sacred sites hasn’t changed and these places, if well looked after, are still beaming with a potential to connect someone with the whole grid of the visible and invisible world, nature, our higher self. They are like fountains of light, ready to nurture a weary pilgrim with inspiration and healing. People come to Avebury, Stonehenge and other similar sites for this, yet we have them here in London as well.

However, I do also take people outside London, especially southern and south-west England. I love English gardens, cathedrals, prehistoric sites, the coast and the English countryside in general.

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