Shamanic Practitioner

I started walking the Camino Rojo, my spiritual path, when I was 18, over 20 years ago. I engaged with teachings from Tantra, Tao, female archetypes to psychedelic medicines, coaching, shamanism and work with voice and light.  The path that seemed tailor-made for me was shamanism with which I began in 2006 in Glastonbury. After the training I then started to work with clients. However, my “medicine” are the medicines of heart and moon. The both became my biggest teachers. During the full moons I do ceremonies and healing sessions with clients because I am most tuned and cleansed. Under the healing I mean not just a healing with light on the levels of physical, energetic and emotional bodies, but also rituals and teaching clients how to communicate with their body and heart.

Rituals are so important for a healthy life. They are not just a psychological signpost or threshold but they give life a sacredness, realisation, gratitude, humbleness and love. I lead rituals for the body, female cycles, ancestors, beginnings end ends. On the moon dance, I became a Samuhadora. Samuhadora is a woman who opens/closes a cleanses the space for and during a healing and ceremony. She works with fire and cleansing smoke.

As an intuitive empath, I teach about the importance of care of self on the spiritual and energetic levels. To feel what the others in my surroundings feel can be a gift. Yet without a particular protection and awareness, this gift can turn into a burden.

Why shamanism? Because shamanism is life. Not a life of an individual but of the whole. It’s a connection with nature, its elements and aspects. A connection with ancestors and other forms of consciousness. I find this the base for a harmonious and happy life. Shamanism taught me not to take myself too seriously. On the other hand to take life with lightness, sense of humour and be not afraid to shine.

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